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Trainers & Training info

Blankenburg Kennels Retriever Training

Blankenburg Kennels

Phone (928) 636-5530

Code 3 Retrievers

Contact John  (602) 228-7434


Roger May - Mayday Retrievers

(928) 243-2890 or (928) 243-2891


Owner Trained Service Dogs
Obedience, Rally & Socialization too!

While our focus is service dog training we do offer classes for all dogs.
All of our classes are personalized to meet each groups specific needs.
All dogs are welcome in our Obedience, Pet Tricks, & Rally classes.

If you would like your training bussness added please contact us with a link to your site and information about your training bussiness!

Click Here to E-Mail Us.



Retriever Trainer Material

Dan Hosford Training

Obediance Trainer Material

How to raise the perfect Dog

Be the Pack Leader


Other Breeders!

Melton Labradors

Melton Labradors

Brad or Jennifer 602-218-8626

Daisy Mountain Labradors

We breed English type AKC Labrador retrievers in chocolate, black, and yellow.

Brooke 602-576-6623

Cozy Acres Farm

Lab PupWiem Pup

Weimaraners and Labradors

Pam 602-540-3890



Graves Labrador Retrievers

Graves Labradors

From great hunting labs to Show labradors. We have old lines before there were American or English.

Living Waters Labradors


Living Waters Labradors is located Southwest of Phoenix Arizona.  We are a small hobby breeder devoted to breeding labs that are genetically sound, intelligent and great companions. Lisa 623-882-9190






Early Spay-Neuter Considerations


Whelping Box Construction Plans

McEmn Mark III Whelping Box

The Whelping Box

Gun Dog Breeders.com - Connecting Buyers and Gun Dog Breeders
Dog Silencer Pro

Works up to 3X farther than the competition!

The choice of veterinarians, kennel owners and satisfied customers worldwide!



Alpaca's & Alpaca made items


Ryan's Pet Supply


Health Issue Help Links:

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Safe-Guard® Suspension 10%, 1000 ml Bottle




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Heavens Declare Light of the Word Free Coloring Pages


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I am a Christian homeschool graduate who has written and published two books-- "The Heavens Declare: Five Children, Eight Planets, One God" and "Light of the World." My plan for the future is to marry a godly man and raise as many children as the Lord gives. At present, I desire to be useful to God in my church, community, and father's home while continuing to write to the Lord's glory. I live in Oregon with my family of 10.

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